Date : 2019-10-01 08:00:09

September was still a cold month…..hope October brings longer days of sunshine!
We were unbelievably busy throughout September casting for various Television Commercials… good luck to all the children involved. 
All of Adelaide has been busy casting for the many extras for the feature film being shot here called “Mortal Combat” There were 400 extras on the set last week, you can imagine the job involved in organising that number of people.  We were grateful for the number of people who responded to our request on Face Book for people to take part in this film as monks etc especially as they needed to shave their heads for the part!  Needless to say some of our parents are going to feel the chill between their ears this month when they go on set to play their part in the movie!
We were delighted to meet up with the parents and children who attended the come and try acting and modelling classes last month.  We saw a very talented group of children who showed heaps of potential.  We look forward in seeing them on a more regular basis at the Agency.
October brings on the School holidays here in South Australia. We hope you have heaps of activities booked for your kids, if not please call to book into one of the School Holiday programs we offer, they are starting in early October.  Call the office for more details or go to our web site on for us to sent out commencement dates costs etc!
The Rowdy Group – SAPOL TVC Babies 2mnths to 4mnths
The Rowdy Group – SAPOL TVC Girls 3yrs to 6yrs
AHC – CFS TVC – Boys 6yrs to 13yrs
AHC – CFS TVC – Girls 4yrs to 8yrs
Edison Robotics Campaign – Boys & Girls 6yrs to 16yrs
AHC – Mortal Kombat – Males & Females 7yrs to 70yrs
Student Film – Girls 3yrs to 9yrs
Moon Language Edu. – Boys & Girls 5yrs to 17yrs
AV Jennings TVC – Girls 5yrs to 10yrs
Mackintosh Casting – Optus TVC – Boys 9yrs to 13yrs & Girls 13yrs to 16yrs
Chameleon Casting – Coles TVC – Boys & Girls 3yrs to 16yrs
THC – Australian Tourism – Boys 5ysr to 9yrs
Brand Catalyser – Ozi Choice Campaign – Boys & Girls 3yrs to 15yrs 
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