Date : 2019-06-01 08:00:09

Winter is well and truly here!!!  It’s been a very cold wet month perfect for this time of the year!
May was a very busy month; we were busy casting for many jobs…. please check below for all the details.
Confirmation was also made by Management of the Arndale Shopping Centre; they booked our performance troupe for fashion parades in the next School Holidays.  We are delighted to feature our talented kids on the runway on the 11th and 12th July showcasing winter kids wear.  Please check times and location as we get closer to the date.
The Graduation night held on the 8th May was amazing! We saw 32 kids strut their stuff and show us what they can do.
There were 8 advanced kids on stage that night dressed by Best and Less Sefton Park….the kids looked amazing.
We also had a very talented group of Drama kids performing, we extend our congratulation to them also, they did an amazing job!
The come try classes held in May were very successful! We met an array of unique children, they showed heaps of potential.
We look forward in seeing them in our classes soon.  For information on our June come try classes please see below.  Call the office to book; it’s a great place to start.
The July school holiday is just around the corner…..if your kids are keen to join in all the fun check below for start dates time etc.


Mclean Casting – International Airline – Boys 6yrs to 10yrs
Chameleon Casting – Major Department store – Boys & Girls 4ysr to 12yrs 
Chameleon Casting – AFL Promotion – Boys & Girls 5yrs to 12yrs
Highway Casting – Elder Care – Boys & Girls 5yrs to 10yrs
AHC – Return To Work – Girls 5yrs to 9yrs
AHC – Super Market Chain – Boys & Girls 4yrs to 11yrs
ANC – ABC Series (First Day) – Boys & Girls 11yrs to 16yrs
Mullinars Casting – TV Series (Stateless) – Boys & Girls 3yrs to 15yrs        
Department of Environment – Promotion – Boys & Girls 4yrs to 13yrs 
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