Date : 2021-10-01 08:00:09

September was a very busy month!  We met so may kids who came to our studio to try out modeling and acting! They along with their parents were very excited to pop in and take part in one of our free lessons.  We hope to see everyone back again soon.
Vogue Fashion festival is almost upon us! We are delighted to announce that we have fashion shows at the Myer Centre featuring our talented Performance Troupes!  Please check our Face Book page to see parade dates and times.
The school holiday classes for September/October were heaps of fun!  We were delighted to meet all the young talented kids who took part in these activities in late September early October…. we can’t wait to see you all on the catwalk at your graduation soon. Many thanks to Best and Less for sponsoring our advanced kids by providing the outfits for their graduation on the 6th October. Can’t wait to see you all on the catwalk.
Big thank you to all the parents who take to time to dive their children to all the fashion parades for fittings etc., your commitment to this is not gone by unnoticed!  Daylight savings starts this month, enjoy the sunshine and keep safe!
Heesom Casting – CFS - Boys & Girls – 7yrs to 12yrs
Heesom Casting – SAPOL = Girls – 4ysr to 10yrs
Nancy Naylor – Feature Film – Boys 9yrs to 11yrs
Ben Parkinson Casting – Spec Savers – Boys & Girls 5yrs to 10yrs
DigitaInk – CFS TVC (Tasmania) – Boys 6yrs to 10yrs  
Nation – CFS – Voice Over – Girls 8yrs to 11yrs
Barret Casting – Feature Film – “Talk to Me” – Boys 11yrs to 15yrs
Antonia Murphy Casting – Amazon TVC Extras– Boys & Girls 8yrs to 16yrs
Antonia Murphy Casting – Amazon TVC Extras– Brother & Sister 4yrs to 7yrs
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Our Web site is www.mostlykids.com.au should you wish to view our latest casting news